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Please note that this practice has closed its books and is not taking any new clients for 2021 due to a full caseload.

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You can either secure your appointment time now by clicking on the tab above, by ringing the practice directly on 0401 886785 or by emailing Please note the information on referrals below before contacting to make the appointment.



Parents / caregivers can refer their children directly to Talking Point. However, before referrals will be accepted it is best practice that any issues with hearing or the ears, nose and throat are adequately managed. As such, if a child is delayed in their communication development, it is advised they:

  1. Have their hearing screened

  2. Receive appropriate management from an ENT if there is any history of hearing loss, middle ear infections, glue ear, tonsillitis, snoring (or heavy breathing), chronic nasal congestion, or persistently hypertrophic (enlarged) tonsils.

If you are unsure whether your child needs to be referred to other medical professionals before referring them to Talking Point, please do not hesitate to contact the service.

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