Face to Face Sessions Fees

See Telehealth Fees for alternative fee schedule

Sorry, but bulk-billing is no longer available at this practice.   Medicare rebates  (see: rebate information) on up to 5 sessions / calendar year with a Chronic Disease Management Plan.                           

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation fees do apply (see here); Sessions must be paid for on the day. 



Over-the -Phone Initial Consult: FREE     

(Maximum 15 minutes)


Routine Assessment: $395.00

(45mins- 90 mins)

Complex  Assessment: $650-900 (3-5 hrs across 2-4 sessions)


Preschool Screening   (3 years - school age): $135

(Only available where there are 4 or more children in the one preschool that can be screened in back-to-back appointments on the same day)

30 minutes.

Progress / Review Assessment: $195

(45-60 minutes)



Short Session - 30 minutes: Privately paid session $105; NDIS Short Session - 30 minutes: $125

Standard Session - 45 minutes: Privately paid session $130; NDIS standard session - 45 mins: $145

Extended Session - 1.5 hours: Privately paid session $260; NDIS extended session - $280

Home Programs*: $65/program in hardcopy; electronic resources vary depending on which program you are accessing

*Home programs are an alternative to accessing regular services through Talking Point. An initial assessment is important before you commence working on any home program so that you are assigned an appropriate home program. It is recommended that you keep in touch with the Speech Pathologist with monthly or bi-monthly telephone reviews or via the online learning app, Seesaw, to ensure that you / your child is making progress. Six monthly progress review assessments are also recommended. 

TRAVEL FEES FOR SENIOR SPEECH PATHOLOGIST (distance calculated from Arundel QLD Clinic)

0-10km: $25 on top of session fee

11-20km:  $45 on top of session fee

21-35km:  $90 on top of session fee

No travel option is provided on greater than 35 km from clinic. Travel is only available for 1-2 sessions / term. Regular sessions are provided in the clinic or via telehealth sessions. If regular out-of-clinic sessions are required, they will be provided by the  Junior Speech Pathologist or Speech Pathology Assistant.


(Only Provided on Request)   

Summary Report: $110

Standard Comprehensive Report: $200

NDIS Report: $300