It is the policy of Talking Point Speech Therapy Services to ensure the health and safety of all clients who attend appointments whether those appointments are in clinic, at school or at home. Therefore it is paramount that all clients abide by infection control principles as these principles are also applied in the clinic. This includes:


A. Before attending a session, clients must have no concerns in the following areas:

1. Has anyone in your house had fever, flu-like or gastrointestinal symptoms in the past 2 weeks?
2. Have you associated with anyone with flu-like or gastrointestinal symptoms in the last 2 weeks?
3. Has anyone in your house had suspected or confirmed COVID19, flu or a gastrointestinal illness in the past 2 weeks?
4. Have you associated with anyone in the past 2 weeks with confirmed or suspected COVID19, flu or gastrointestinal illness?
5. Have you been overseas in the past 2 weeks?
6. Have you associated with anyone who has been overseas in the past 2 weeks?

If you are still unsure about your possible COVID19 risk, please refer to the symptom checker at:

B. Hand-washing with sanitation gel and / or soap is required upon entering the premises that the clinic is on.

C. Proper hygiene principles are to be maintained throughout the clinic visit. This includes:

If there is any touching of the face, including through blowing the nose, that the client is required to use hand sanitiser or soap.

D. If the clinician determines based on your / your child's presentation that you or your child is unwell,  an alternative appointment time will be booked.

E. Appointments will be spaced out to ensure that there is little or no cross-over between clients. Clients are encouraged to wait in their car if they arrive early and only come to the waiting area at the time of their appointment.

F. Between all sessions, all surfaces and equipment will be disinfected with a surface spray disinfectant.


G. Where possible, no toys or equipment will be used by more than one client on any given day. Furthermore any equipment or toys that have the potential to harbor germs (e.g. playdough) will be a one use only toy / equipment. It will either be discarded or given to the client that used it.

If you have any further concerns, queries, or suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the practice to discuss.