Orofacial Myology

Orofacial Myology is the practice of achieving and maintaining good resting postures of the muscles of the face, head, mouth, neck and upper thoracic portion of your back.

In order for Orofacial Myology to be successful and efficiently achieve the results desired it is very helpful if your child understands the goals of the therapy and the reason behind why they are needing to change resting postures and functional use of their oro-facial structures. Therefore it is often recommended that children have an intellectual capacity of 4 years of age and older for this type of therapy.

As an Orofacial Myologist I assess and / or treat:

  • Tongue tie / lip tie and the need for them to be released

  • Overall lifestyle factors that may be impacting optimal development and use of the muscles used to support speech, breathing, chewing and swallowing

  • Tongue thrust - swallow and speech

  • Saliva control / management

  • Articulation difficulties that are associated with poor resting postures

  • Increasing range of movement and strength post tongue-tie

  • Fussy eating associated with difficulties managing  chewing and swallowing of different textures

  • Optimising breath support for voice and general oxygenation

  • Eliminating 'noxious' habits associated with poor resting postures e.g. thumb/finger/toe sucking, nail biting, frequent chewing / sucking on non-food items.

Some studies have shown that improving resting postures and improve the alignment of teeth and overall facial appearance; however, the most important goal for our practice is to improve the functional ability of each of our clients.​

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