Speech Pathology & Orofacial Myology 

What to Expect from Therapy

Individual Consultations

Length of Appointment:  30mins-1.5hours

Purpose: Provide the client and the caregiver the skills to work on developing in the areas that have been identified as goals for the client.

Method: The clinician demonstrates the therapy strategies and then coaches the client and caregiver on how to implement the strategies outside of the clinical appointment. The goals is to equip the client /caregiver with the skills to be their own 'therapist.' Research indicates that the most therapeutic gains are made much more efficiently when a caregiver or client is coached - requiring less expensive therapy sessions overall.

Telehealth  Review

Length of Appointment: 15-20 mins

Purpose: To review how the home-program given to the client is progressing, provide any problem-solving advice, give further guidance on additional activities that can be conducted and provide minimal coaching on strategies.

Method: Using video-calling where possible, the clinician will discuss with the caregiver the current progress and view the therapy interaction between the client and the caregiver whilst they are working on a particular activity so that coaching can be provided.


Group Sessions

Length of Appointment: 1 hour

Purpose: To group similar skilled children together to work on goals that would be relevant for all the children.

Method: Small group as well as individual activities with the children. A handout will be provided to the parents to explain what is worked on and how they can continue working on the skills at home. If the session is in the clinic, caregivers will be asked to join in with the group activities.

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